Stick To Time, 2019, Wood, Selected Objects, Photography, Changeable Installation 
In ‘Stick To Time’​​​​​​​, that is to examine the meaning of my mnemonic device. People collect objects to mean their intense feelings and memories about specific events that they don’t want to disappear. These collected objects are symbols of their past time and a reminder of change. People make their change materialize through the symbol because psychological change is intangible, metaphysical and ethereal realm and psychological change and visible change correlate each other. Feelings of nostalgia seem to protect us from the pain of solitude, and from the sadness and anxiety of disappearance or loss of a particular person. I use everyday objects and handmade objects as symbols. I put my objects on the soil which is on my shelves. The shelf connects my desire for eternity on which evidence of things not seen can be imagined. Past moments of time are referenced with the photography that reveal events and objects which are no longer sitting on the shelves. The objects are also impermanent.
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