Take Care of Me, 2020, Soap, Fragrance, 8x4x2”, 2020

after a year

Take Care of Me offers a gesture that seems to be for touching and connecting. The shape looks like a comforting hand, and this form symbolizes love because people can reach out with affection. Thus, I can feel and share their love and warmth by laying a comforting hand. I can pat myself with this hand-shaped soap which represents my mother's hand. Also, I can take care of myself by washing my face with this sculpture, making me feel fresh and clean.
In Take Care of Me, the soap and the shape of my mother's hand reminded me of when my mother washed me and took care of me as a child. As a result, this hand sculpture makes me realize my childhood memory with my mother that has been forgotten, and this sculpture has the power to heal my emotional exhaustion due to the pandemic.
Although this hand sculpture is perishing through its generosity, like the tree in <The Giving Tree> by Shel Silverstein, the soap sculpture gives affection and care to me. Its disappearance does not make me sad because it offers the possibility of helping my heart heal. The changes in the sculpture are set up to form an internal timeline in work, and the process of change becomes evidence of my emotional healing. Although the more I use this sculpture, the more it disappears, the ephemeral act and the change in this work are used as a therapeutic way for me and for viewers who need to take care of their emotions by experiencing this care with me. I expect this work could be a consolation to people who need affection and connection, especially in these isolated times.
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