The Square in My Heart, 2020, Soap, Scale, chair, Knife, 10x10x22” 
When people have negative feelings, they want someone to notice them and take care of their wounds, but they sometimes hide these feelings because people easily think that does not look "cool." This work is about wanting to hide but hoping for someone to help. It is said that the mind is round. Before being carved, this cube composed of soap state has negative emotions covering the surface, and each edge is pointed. This cube will be cut off by those who participate in the work. At the same time, the feelings that weighed down on the person who had negative feelings will become lighter and lighter. The act of being cut off will erase the unspecified and negative emotions written on the surface. Also, participators can erase the text when they wash their hand with this soap. The washing hand can help refresh their feeling and clean up they are dirty.
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