To Dream-To Realize, 2021, Changeable Installation (Clock size: 12x12x2.1 inch , Box size: 42x24x7.5 inch), Alarm Clocks, Arduino, Pressure Sensor, Wood box, Electric Cords, Speaker, Mp3 Player

I use ten manipulated clocks for this work. Looking at social life from a broader perspective, I started this work with questions about and resistance to how conventional social norms in spending and managing time limits the diversity of individuals’ lives. How fantastic would it be if I could manage my time solely thinking about my own intentions? During my life span, I have often been confronted with meaningful choices for my future. In the process of making these choices, there is a conflict between using my time in a way that I find meaningful and using it in a way that is socially competent. However, I feel that society imposes its own expectations on the way that individuals can use and manage their time. 
In the installation, the clocks point to a random time and asking, “What time is it?” is meaningless. All ten clocks start with their arrows at the same location. However, the clocks diverge gradually over time and fall out of sync because the timing of when I insert the batteries and the remaining power of the batteries are different. I hope the differences in these clocks can convey to viewers the meaning of different individuals in society. I believe that there is no absolute way for individuals to dictate the use of their own time. Therefore, through this installation, I hope the audience will be able to take their time on my platform to think how they are spending their own time. 
Furthermore, I arranged metaphorical texts on the face of the clocks instead of dial numbers in this installation. The text in my artwork represents for several different kinds of speakers sometimes me, sometimes society. In this work, the speaker of the sentence appears alternately between society and me. The texts mean the conflict in human life between the personal ideal desire of using time and the conventional norm of considering social time. The clocks are set up so that the texts are paired each to express repeated conflicts. The use of text in this work is similar in layout, with only the part of the clock's original dial replaced by the text. Therefore, it is difficult for the audience to read and understand the text easily at once. Through this, I hope people will spend more time in my work and think about the metaphorical meaning of the work.
Viewers can hear the sound of multiple clocks ticking in this installation. There is one platform in my installation, and my viewer can stand on it. The platform size is for one person and this work is also for individual appreciation only. When the viewer steps on the box, the ticking sound stops. However, when the viewer leaves the box, the sound resonates again. In this work, I also use familiar sounds to help viewers to understand the situation in my installation and to get direction how they approach to my artwork. These sounds are mundane but make me feel uncomfortable. The reason is those sounds are repeated and come from multiple directions, and those are the role of awakening inconvenience in time as a social concept that the audience has taken for granted.
Through interaction experiences in my work and the transition of experiences through multi-sensory participation, I hope my work can provide a multi-sensory space for the viewer's to focus on themselves. In my work, I am posing questions and my work itself presents a question that I wish to ask the audience based on my own life. In addition, there is no absolute answer to the questions prompted by my work. The desired outcome is that the audience engages in self-reflection as a result of experiencing my work.
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