The Bowl of Memory, 2020, Soap, water, found objects, Changeable Installation(8x11x4”)
 The Bowl of Memory poses for something to be put. As time goes by, water fills and empties over small space in the hands. A bowl is considered to be a Buddhist philosophical object that repeats empty and full. And to fill in the new, space must be empty. This hand sculpture is a bowl that makes us remind memory that has been forgotten. Memory can be manipulated or forgotten over time. Even if they are impressive memories, they become dull, and new memories build up over time. In The Bowl of Memory, the act of getting water into the hands is consistent with the act of washing something off. What is contained and emptied happens simultaneously in this work. As the water washes away the soap, the shape of the soap disappears, and the precious things I have forgotten and the commemorative items for me also appeared over time. This soap bowl cleans up cloudy and stained objects, which symbolize memories. For people who are sad to disappear, this hand bowl can help to circulates memories.
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