2018, Sculpture & Installation (slip, plaster, glassbox)
 As we eat everyday, we feel everyday. Everyday feelings are variable based on what we experience, and then when the day is gone, the feeling is gone as well. Sometimes, people can recall a memory of some emotions, but nobody can keep the exact same feeling that they had in a moment, regardless of how hard they try. 

 This project is focused on how to represent the daily one-off feeling in an art installation. The plates are made of a  special liquid clay and placed into a leather-hard clay body so that it can have a slightly hard feeling that retains its shape, and the liquid clay actually feels like real plates. However, it easily goes back to liquid its liquid state when dipped in water. The flexible condition of the medium fits into the the of symbolizing the one-off consumption and transience of our feelings each day. Audiences throw the plate away into the glass water box and the fragments of the plates turn into a formless mass. It shows how we produce and consume daily feelings. 
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