Timeless Pots series 1

Timeless Pot Series 1 , 2019, Ceramic Slip, Soil, Cactus, Water, Canvas. Changeable Installation (Canvas Size: 36x217”)
In ‘Timeless Pots series’, work evokes ideas about change through the lapse of time. Through this work, I address loss through the impermanence of things: ephemeral acts of dissolving clay pots. The unfired clay pots contain dirt and living plants. As the plants are given the required water to allow them to live, the pots begin to disintegrate and threaten the life of the plants as the dirt falls apart and can no longer support the roots of the plants. This work changes every day. Thus, the work provides a different experience each day. The work appears to be about death but its constant change gives it a future and potential. It is never finished. A painting is already finished and there is no need to imagine what it will become. On the other hand, in this work, the potential exists for it to become something new.

Timeless Pots series 2

Timeless pots series 3

Timeless Pot Series 4 (2019)

Timeless Pot Series 4 (2020) (After a year)

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