<Timeless Pots series> includes four series. In this series, all of the works evoke ideas about change through the lapse of time. In this work, I address loss through the impermanence of things: ephemeral acts of dissolving clay pots. While I created this artwork, this series of works developed naturally without my certain expectation or plan. The work started with the concept of death and loss based on the experience of my grandfather's death but its constant change, which gives it a future and potential, helped me find the positive possibilities. In this work, the potential exists in every single series for it to become something new. This work is never finished. All of changing steps in <Timeless Pot Series> became the index of the past and clue for the future, providing a record while I released my emotion through this work. Therefore, through this series of work, even if everything runs toward extinction and death, I understand that my mindset defines a cycle of life and eternity.

Timeless Pots series 1

Timeless Pot Series 1, 2019, Ceramic Slip, Soil, Cactus, Water, Canvas. Changeable Installation (Canvas Size: 36x217”)
This installation changed when I poured water into the flowerpot, but it also changed by itself to affect the other clay pots like dominoes. As the water in one flowerpot flows out, the water and residue move toward the other pots, disintegrating the other pots on the canvas. Like human life, the flowerpots affect each other both intentionally and unintentionally, having a lasting impact.
After Timeless Pot 1(2019), I decided to preserve the residues on the canvas to study chance in change and made Timeless Pot 2 (2019).
The plants, soil residue, and water stains from the pots left a drawing-like trace. Further, I fired the dissolved clay pots that I used in Timeless Pot 1 to visualize the chance of change and the meaning of death. Before firing, the pots were weak and useless because they were quickly fading away. I thought about how I could revive the ruined clay pots, and it reminded me of how people try to hold on to their memories forever.
Thus, I decided to fire them because I wanted them to be mementos, representing my experience and memory. After making Timeless Pot 3 (2019), this process made me want to go to the next step because I had challenged the limitation of the unexpected change.
Besides, I made Timeless Pot 4 (2019) by preserving the plant residues from Timeless Pot 1 in a glass jar. This transparent glass jar is used in Korea when people want to make jam or alcohol or preserve food and fruit for years. In this process, I also wanted to explore the possibility of change and the meaning of death. Even though this was the final step in this series, the remains continually changing and making a new environment. Humidity, molds, and rotten plants compose the new environment in the glass jar, making me feel that this work still lives.

Timeless Pot Series 2, 2019, Residues of Timeless Pot Series 1 on Canvas, 36x217"

Timeless Pot Series 3, 2019, Fired Ceramics from Timeless Pot Series 1, Dimensions Variable


Timeless Pot Series 4, 

2019, Glass Jar, Residues of Timeless Pot Series 1, ⌀ 30 x 40

Timeless Pot Series 4 (2020) (After a year)

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